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“So many resources…”

About a year ago I started putting together a semi regular series of blog posts called Team Hallam Top Tips, the idea being that I would curate some of the finest resources on Internet Marketing topics.

Although they are geared towards beginners to each topic there are some gems in there for even the most experienced practitioners. Each topic covers the finest books, blog, downloads, tools and posts for you to investigate…so grab a pot of strong coffee and start bookmarking some of these awesome resources.

17 SEO Resources

From the awesome (recently updated) SEOmoz Beginners Guide to SEO to Shaun Anderson’s amazing SEO Basics ebook there is plenty in this section to keep you occupied. As an addition you may want to check out Google’s own recently updated SEO Guide or Tad Chef’s recent take on positive SEO.

13 Local SEO Resources

Local SEO has moved on a lot since I put this section together (but that doesn’t make the content any less important) – David Mihm has recently updated the Local Ranking Factors. If you want to checkout the current landscape you could do a lot worse than checking out Gaz Copeland’s round up of recent Google+ Local SEO activity.

14 Adwords and PPC Resources

The Adwords landscape doesn’t change as frequently as the world of SEO (although they did get a new snazzy makeover) and the content in this section is still as relevant as it was a year ago.

14 Link Building Resources

The link building landscape has changed a lot though! I still heartily recommend everyone reads ‘A Clockwork Pirate’. Additional resources to add to this list would be PointBlankSEO and the amazing Link Building Strategies post and if you are looking for more quality strategies head over to Jason Acidre’s KaiserTheSage blog.

13 Video SEO Resources

Video is still an underused tactic – be it for link building, search traffic or brand awareness. In this section you can find all the important resources for building a video strategy.

21 Social Media Resources

An overview of the finest social media books, blogs and tools (for more tools see the bonus section at the bottom of this post). When this post was put together Pinterest didn’t even exist, so here is a great guide for that.

19 Blogging Resources

PostRank have shut their doors since this post first went out but the resources are still as important as they were at the time of writing – if you want a bonus I would happily recommend The Complete Guide to Blogging for your Business by James Agate

27 Twitter Resources

This list could have been 10 times as long and still not cover all that is Twitter – learn all the basics and more with this post.

15 Facebook Resources

Most businesses now understand the importance of Facebook in their marketing mix – make sure that your business is doing it right with the books, blogs and tools that can help you make the most of it.

12 Google+ Resources

The jury is till out on Google+ – is it a resounding success? No. Is is a ghost town? No. Do you need to have it as part of you online strategy? Yes. AJ Kohn’s amazing guide is still super relevant – as are the rest of the resources in this section.

16 Google Analytics Resources

Why it took me so long to get round to rounding up Google Analytics I will know but there are lots of gems in this section.

18 Conversion Rate Optimisation Resources

A recent addition to the series looking at the often neglected part of Internet Marketing. If I was going to add anything to this list it would be the excellent CRO overview, guide and infographic from Richard Baxter

Some bonus tools resources

53 SEO and Social Media Tools from Mike King

12 SEO and Social Media Tools from Aleyda Solis

Although these two posts weren’t in the Team Hallam Top Tips section they are worthy of inclusion – 65 SEO and Social Media Tools that will help you achieve your Internet Marketing goals. Most of the tool overviews also include links to relevant blog posts (somewhere in the region of 50 more resources) that will teach you how to get the most from the tools.


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  1. Robin Eyre says:

    A nice set of tips and pointers. Will make good reading.

  2. Dave says:

    Awesome group of posts here, thanks for sharing!

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