Why can’t folk in Britain see the cool Google stuff the Americans can see? Since when did we become second-class Googlers?

In the USA they see Google in it’s full glory, with the additional Google OneBox information. OneBox gives you information you need straight away in the search results, without having to click on any links.

London’s weather is better in America:

And they’ve even improved The Tube:

Why haven’t you seen this before, assuming you’re a Brit? If Google thinks you’re foreign, then it tries to redirect you to your local content. And our local UK content ain’t got no OneBox.

Do you want to be an American Googler? Try searching using

‘NCR’ in the link above probably means ‘No country redirect.’ Try it, and you will see some quite surprising differences.

Here are some more examples to make you jealous of Google Yanks:

They make it easier to get from London to Rome:

Google will answer your most important questions:

And there’s even better business data:

No doubt all this functionality will rollout (someday) to our shores, but until then…

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  1. Dan says:

    Looking at Google here, comparing it to how it looks now, it hasn’t changed that much, but at the same time all the subtle changes really make Google what it is today.

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