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How to Access Search Console Data in Google Analytics

We all know how valuable Google Analytics is when it comes to monitoring the performance of your website, and that…


PPC – Should You Bid On Your Own Brand Term?

Before you start bidding on your own brand, there's a few things you should take into consideration.


A Guide to Implementing JSON-LD Structured Data

Using Schema markup on your website to enable rich snippets and increase your presence in the SERPs is not a…


Should You Disable AdWords Search Partners?

By default Google AdWords will enable "Search Partners" targeting on new campaigns. But will enabling or disabling this feature bring…


Mailchimp Introduces Product Recommendations

Mailchimp has a new paid feature called Product Recommendations.

Email Marketing

How to create Gmail ads using MailChimp

Want to use Gmail Ads, but hate the standard AdWords templates? MailChimp offers an easy solution for creating your own…

Social Media

Facebook Audience Network Offers Businesses New Opportunities

A new study has shown that people in Britain spend nearly a whole day online every single week.


5 SEO Benefits of Listing Your Business on Companies House

If you want to rank well on the search engines, it's a great idea to list your business on Companies…


Using a limited PPC budget with fixed daily spends

Many online advertising campaigns are limited by a maximum daily or monthly budget. In this post I'll explain how to…

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