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Hallam and BigSpring Are Merging

Digital marketing agency Hallam is merging with BigSpring, a leading web design and development agency. The deal results in an…

Social Media

Facebook #SheMeansBusiness

In February 2017 I was invited to Facebook HQ in Dublin to become a Facebook She Means Business trainer.


Optimising for voice search & digital assistants

This post will look at how search marketers can adapt and optimise for the rise of voice search and digital…


How to calculate the ideal maximum CPC for AdWords

A client recently asked me to calculate the ideal cost-per-click (CPC) for their keywords, but unfortunately there is no exact…

Digital PR

How To Get Your Pitch Noticed by the Media

Journalists receive hundreds of emails every day. So, how can you ensure your pitch doesn't end up in the trash…

Content Marketing

Are You Making These Basic Content Marketing Mistakes?

Are you creating content but failing to get the results you hoped for? Although it takes time to achieve results…


15 ways to optimise your crawl budget for SEO

Optimising your crawl budget will help search engines crawl and index the most important pages on your website. Here are…


5 Ways to find your online competitors

Are your online competitors really who you think they are? You may be surprised who is competing with you for…


How To Set Up Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook

Facebook's dynamic product ads allow retailers to promote relevant items from their entire catalogue on any device. Advertisers can use…


Google Update: Intrusive Mobile Popups Affecting Rankings

In another step towards improving the quality, speed and delivery of content to mobile devices, Google has rolled out an…


Four Statistical Significance Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

There are lots of things that can go wrong when you're doing A/B testing and most of them involve using…

Content Marketing

Case study: the cost of placing content in online publications

The digital PR landscape is changing as some publishers are monetising what was previously editorially driven decision making. What does…

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