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Social Media

Facebook advertising tips for small businesses

Over a billion people sit on Facebook everyday, which is why it's a great opportunity for small businesses to make…


5 Reasons why you should submit your website to Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is often overlooked by website owners but it’s probably one of the most valuable free SEO tools…


AdWords Editor Tricks to Save Time

AdWords Editor allows you to smoothly work on an account offline using a simple interface. Even though it's quick to…

Social Media

6 Social Media Tips for the Summer

The world of Digital PR quietens down slightly in the summer. So I thought I'd pass on a few social media…


How to track multi-regional sites in Google Analytics

This post will explain a simple way to track multi-regional or multi-lingual sites in Google Analytics. It will show how you…


Copywriting – An Alternative Guide

My background as a copywriter is more relevant than I ever thought it would be in the world of Digital…

Paid Search (PPC)

Google AdWords Grants: How Non-Profits Can Get Ahead

Google AdWords Grants are a great opportunity for non-profit organisations to increase awareness for their great causes.


Ben Wood Celebrates Four Years at Hallam

Head of Digital Services, Ben Wood celebrates four years of working at Hallam this week.


Why are your PPC Ads not showing?

In this post we look at some of the main reasons why you may not be seeing your PPC Ads…


All you need to know about submitting a Google Shopping data feed

There are various upload methods for submitting your data feed to Merchant Center, and the one you use comes down…


How to Find Content Ideas for Your Boring Business

Good content is relevant, resonant, and fresh. But with these three powerful resources, you'll never be stuck for content ideas…

Social Media

Using LinkedIn: 7 of my favourite tips

I am often invited to speak about using LinkedIn, and I know folk are always looking for practical tips and…

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