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Google Search Instead For and Other Search Functions

Google is packed with functions to make your search life easier every day. Here we explore search instead for and…


A Guide to Negative SEO

What is negative SEO? How do you spot it and protect your website from it? These questions and more are…

Content Marketing

A Guide to Data Journalism

Data journalism is a powerful way of telling your business' story through visual representation of key facts. See some practical…


Canonicals or 301 redirects – which one to use?

301 redirects or canonicals? This post examines the what, how and why of both subjects along with some great examples.

Paid Search (PPC)

AdWords Promotion Extensions Case Study

I've been using AdWords Promotion Extensions on a client account for six months now, so I thought I'd share the…

Social Media

How To Use Facebook Custom Audience Lists To Meet Your Marketing Objectives

Using Facebook Custom Audience lists is an effective way to get more repeat customers and new ones too by being…


Does Black Hat SEO Still Work?

Black Hat SEO still goes on, works incredibly well and is making a lot of people money. The drawback is…


SEO on-page factors: creating great pages

Creating well crafted web pages ticking all the right SEO On Page Factors will help improve your website visibility in…

Paid Search (PPC)

Google Merchant Promotions: How to Set Them Up

Merchant promotions enable advertisers to make their Google Shopping Ads stand out from the competition. Using promotions helps to increase…


How to track multiple geographical locations in Google Analytics

If your business serves one or several localised regions, your local SEO strategy is key to your success and is…


Hallam and BigSpring Are Merging

Digital marketing agency Hallam is merging with BigSpring, a leading web design and development agency. The deal results in an…

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