Want to understand how Google works? Want the information straight from the horse’s mouth?

Google have just produced a very useful PDF booklet called Making the Most of Your Content: A Publishers Guide to the Web.

It’s excellent. Read it. Even if you think you know it all already, read it.

Warning: Geek Alert

I found this on Matt Cutt’s very useful posting discussing Google’s improved documentation. Lots of Google goodies in there of a technical nature, including robots.txt, IP delivery, nofollow, and quality guidelines

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I randomely found out on google about this nice software you can use to get people find you and be attracted to your headlines in search engines. I think it was called glyphius…
    You pretty much type a headline and it gives you a score. You keep editing it and changing few words until the score gets higher and higher and i guess next thing you know, you have a catchy headline 😉 I think I’ll try it to advertise my coming up business.

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