Google’s mission statement is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

But I can hear many of you crying out that Google is giving poor quality search results.  What can you do if Google is ranking irrelevant or spammy or broken websites?  You can give Google feedback to get the site removed from the Google search results.

When Google delivers inappropriate results, it not only drives the searcher crazy, but it can make businesses frantic, too.  Business success can be make or break, depending on whether they’re getting customers from the Google search results.

I did a search for the phrase “marketing agency” and to honest I did not get the companies I expected to rank in the top 10, and I wasn’t very impressed by the top companies being offered by Google.

Not only were they not the quality of companies that expected to see, one of the top 10 companies listed in Google had a non-existant website.

Google Rankings Dead Website

If you were to visit the site, this is what you would see:


So, I know companies are going to be asking me how can a web page that is dead rank in the top ten results for such a competitive phrase?

The secret sauce for this site ranking well, of course, is inbound links.  This site has lots of high quality inbound links with the keyphrase “marketing agency” in the links.  And links, of course are trump, overruling even lack of any content as this example rather irrationally demonstrates.

But, what can we do to let Google know it is delivering garbage results? More specifically, how can we get this site removed from the results?

Scroll to the bottom of the Google search page, and you will be invited to give feedback:


And you should go right ahead and give Google feedback to get the site removed from the Google search results.

There are a range of options for reporting inappropriate site: spam sites, irrelevant sites, dead sites:


I’ve reported this result as taking me to a dead or broken link, and I’ll add a comment to let you know if, and when, this page tumbles from the results!

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