Looking to book  a cheap flight, and want to know which airline flies your route?  Google can help.

For the first time I have noticed that Google in the UK is displaying flight information in the One Box.  It provides details of the airline, timing of the flights, and days of the week information.

Google flight information

The Flight Search Service is triggered by flight related search queries.  In the USA this service has been around for quite a while, and indeed I blogged about the American flight search service back in 2010.

This may be one step forward for Google UK, but in America the integration of flight data and search results is now even more sophisticated, including competitor fares

Google Flight Search Results


Dig a little deeper, and you’ll see the Help icon brings up the following text:

Google Compensated by Flight Providers

Based on your search query, we think you are trying to find a flight.  Clicking in this box will show you results from providers that can fulfill your request. Google may be compensated by some of these providers.

Once you start looking for new things on Google it is like Alice down the rabbit hole…

Google Flights in the USA is a comprehensive comparison shopping site.  Not yet available in the UK, but no doubt something that we have to look forward to!

google flights

One response to “Google Shows Flight Information for UK Flights (…. finally!)”

  1. Dorothea says:

    Is this new featured restricted to the UK or is it available in other European countries as well?

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