From time to time I spot differences between the version of Google available to American searchers, and our own national version of

Usually, this is because they are rolling out features to our American cousins before they hit out shores.

One example of this is an update to changing the settings for your Google account. is displaying a small cog wheel providing access to those awkward menu choices: vs

Note as well a number of other suble changes:

  • the difference in font colours, from darker blue to paler blue
  • the menu choices are no longer underlined for the specific search options like Video, Maps, etc

Whereas is still spelling out the rather confusing menu choices at the top right corner:

Google UK vs Google USA

This is just one differences for Google UK vs Google USA

Take a look at some of the other differences between national versions of Google over the years

Google UK Vs Google USA (2010)

Google UK vs Google USA (2007)

2 responses to “Google UK vs Google USA”

  1. Dan says:

    I’ve noticed this happening inside Gmail (as it is held on

    As you’ve said in the post Google UK vs Google USA (2007), you can view the USA version from wherever you like by forcing Google not to redirect you by going to

  2. Aan says:

    I believe you’ve made a typo. The suffix to the URL should be NCR, not NRC.

    Pease check and fix.

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