5 Tips to Increase Your Local Conversions

Posted on 31/03/2015 by Team Hallam

Local ConversionsIf you want to attract local traffic to your business’s website to boost your local conversions, focus on all the signals that indicate that your business is based locally.

These signals are different than what a national or international visitor expects to see, and drawing attention to your location across your website is important if you want to boost local conversions.



1. List a Local Phone Number

Displaying the local extension in your phone number might not sound so important, but it can make a big difference on how your visitors perceive your website. If you list a generic 0800 number, your visitors may assume that their only means of contacting you is via a call centre based in the middle of nowhere. A local extension is more trustworthy, as it demonstrates that your business is based locally.

Local Phone Number to boost local conversions

Also make sure that your number is displayed prominently at the top of your website, and that mobile visitors can click and call you instantly without having to copy your phone number.

2. Have a Map Available

On your Contact Us page, include a map that clearly shows your physical location. Google Maps offers some great embedding tools that let you pinpoint your location, whilst allowing visitors to find exact directions from their location to your business.

Directions option in Google Maps to boost local conversions

With Google Maps, your visitors can also use Street View to familiarise themselves with your location before visiting.

3. Include Local Calls to Action

Calls To Action can direct users to visit your local premises. If you’re a national company, your Calls To Action can help customers to find their nearest branch or store.

Local CTA boosts local conversions

Local CTA for national companies to boost local conversions

Local traffic tends to convert better. So even if you are a national company, your Calls to Action should offer clear signposts for your local visitors.

4. Localise Your Content

If you are serving many different locations, you might wish to consider localising your content.

This can include changing your phone number to a local one depending on the location of your visitor, or changing your images to demonstrate your local branch, rather than some generic images from locations that the visitor will not recognise.

Localising your content can have a big impact on your conversion rates, as you can localise your Calls To Action or Trust Signals to provide your visitors with a more personalised experience.

5. Include Locations in Your USPs

Consider what makes you a great local business, and make this information clear on your website. Statements like “Biggest Showroom in Nottingham”, or “Local Suppliers Since 1990” can prove hugely effective at promoting your local nature, and can act as great trust signals for your visitors.

These tips can help you to promote your local businesses and increase the conversions you receive from local traffic. If you want any further advice, feel free to get in touch and we will be glad to help you!

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5 Tips to Increase Your Local Conversions

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