Keeping up to date with latest trends in search marketing means a lot of reading. Here are some suggestions to help you burn the midnight oil:

If I only have time to read one thing, it is my Search Engine News subscription. It’s a monthly update, comprehensive, authoritative, practical, of what’s new in in the world of search engine marketing. I’m afraid it does cost real money, but with the dollar so weak, the price tag of US$144 for a whole year amounts to less than 80 squid. Warning: this website looks big time American cheesy spammy, but the quality of the subscription is excellent.

If you are looking for free info, then blogs has to be the way to go. The BigList of SEO and SEM blogs by TopRank lists more than 400 blogs. Awesome, in the literal sense of the word. It’s arranged alphabetically which can make it difficult to get to grips with, but it is a great launch pad. It is interesting to note Danny Sullivan’s Sphinn is the editor’s pick; Sphinn is getting a lot of profile, but it wouldn’t make my personal top 10.

Along the same lines, take a look at AdAge Power 150 media and marketing blogs.
You won’t go far wrong if you pick a few to read out of the top dozen or so.

Happy reading!

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