Mashups” a great word – it is simply a web page that combines content from different websites or applications. Google have just announced an amazing little tool that lets you create a mashup that combines your company data with Google Maps.

I spent a quick half hour creating a mashup demonstrating a number of places where Abacus Lighting Ltd have installed lighting solutions. It’s an effective sales tool to show clients where your projects are, whether it be here in Nottingham, in the UK, or indeed internationally.

Here’s a snapshot, or you can click directly through to my example of an Abacus mashup

Abacus Lighting Mashup by Hallam Communications

You can include commentary, photographs, and most importantly links that help users to better understand your map (and indeed, to help the spiders understand your content.)

With a bit of imagination, content like this is valuable to virtually every business.

Danny Sullivan in SearchEngine Land has a useful discussion of the other mapping mashup tools that you might want to investigate.

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