Google is displaying author’s images in the search results, and in much the same way that Google assigns a trust rank to web pages, it is now assigning a trust rank to an individual’s Google Authorship profile.

Google is now providing additional information about your Authorship status.

My author image has been appearing from some time now, and as another signal of the importance ast week I received an email from Google welcoming me to the Google Authorship programme.

It looked like this:


Welcome to Google Authorship

How can you check your own Google Authorship profile?

The email included a hyperlink that allows you to check your own Google Authorship profile, and you can see how to type it in here

It includes a combination of your Author Name, together with your Google Plus profile ID:–109061785027344622234-,ppl_aut:1

And the search results will display all your items attributed to your Google Author profile:


Susan Hallam Google Authorship listing

Yet another important development in the Google search results content…


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