URL parameters are the parts of the address of a web page (the URL) that are visible after a question mark (?). They might also be referred to as “query strings“. Numerous websites make use of query string parameters as a core part … Continued

Unless you approach things with a strategy in mind, migrating multiple websites to a single domain can be an SEO disaster waiting to happen. At Hallam Internet, we’ve worked with many businesses that have experienced a significant drop in website traffic after a migration. … Continued

Enhance the Success of Your Content with Keyword Research Tools Whether you’re improving your website’s SEO, advertising on Google AdWords, or exploring content marketing, keyword research tools can help you get the insights you need to succeed. These tools will help … Continued

Google Analytics Reporting

On the 2nd August 2015, Team Hallam will be taking part in Rainbows’ Annual Dragon Boat Race. Head down to Victoria Embankment to see us flexing our muscles and you could also be in with a chance of winning one of … Continued

What is the Internet of Things? The Internet of Things, commonly abbreviated as IoT, basically describes an environment where devices or products are connected to the internet to allow seamless sharing of data. Commonly cited examples include a bin that would tell … Continued

“Inceptionism” might sound like the title of a summer blockbuster, but it’s actually the latest name Google has given to their Artificial Neural Network’s ability to see and understand images, with results that range from pleasantly psychedelic, to downright terrifying. Artificial … Continued

Competitor Analysis

Your AdWords landing page is the page that customers arrive on when they click on your ad. Often underestimated as a factor in PPC advertising, landing pages could in fact be the key to getting your campaigns to convert. When it … Continued

Our Managing Director Susan Hallam needs your help. She is facing serious accusations, and she will be locked up on Friday, 24th July where she must make bail. Your contribution towards her bail will benefit our favourite charity, Rainbows Hospice for … Continued

In this post I am using live client data in my analysis to determine which ad position is best in a Google AdWords campaign. There are many variables which influence the success of a Google AdWords campaign.  Your advertising campaign … Continued

PPC Management

In March 2015, YouTube introduced interactive cards, which will eventually replace the interactive annotations tool you see pop up on some videos. Unlike annotations, cards will be displayed on both desktop and mobile devices. And with 50% of YouTube views coming … Continued