Would you let your sales team show up to work with egg stains on their shirts? Would you wear pyjamas to a client meeting? Would you engage with shareholders whilst wearing faded jeans and  a vintage Guns’n’Roses t-shirt? Of course … Continued

Are you an experienced digital marketer, with a proven track record of designing and delivering successful campaigns? Do you have expertise in SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing, or other digital marketing techniques? If so, you could be just the person we’re … Continued

It might be very obvious if your website has been hit by a Google penalty – you may have been removed from the index altogether! Alternatively you might have observed a less dramatic but still damaging effect, like a decrease in … Continued

Google Analytics Reporting

While going through the process of improving a page’s visibility in search engine results, it’s a common occurrence that image ALT tags are completely missed off. So what is an image ALT tag? This is a piece of HTML code that … Continued

We’re offering a great opportunity for a talented, graduate caliber Digital Marketing Executive. We are looking for the right person to fit in with our professional team:  a self-starter able to work on your own initiative, quick to learn, willing … Continued

Google is actively working to ensure that mobile users have a pleasant and intuitive experience on your websites. We have previously discussed the sort of signals Google uses to rank mobile websites. Now Google has integrated a new element in … Continued

Competitor Analysis

There is a consensus opinion from Google and the digital marketing industry that the best approach when deciding on an Adwords structure is to group your campaign and ad groups into a logical format based on the structure of your … Continued

Google has created Google Cardboard VR, a low cost virtual reality viewer designed to make virtual reality cheaper and more accessible to those interesting in building web or mobile VR apps. In this post I take a look at how Google VR works … Continued

Google My Business is a one-stop-shop for business owners looking to increase their visibility across Google. For those using Google My Places and Google+ Pages, you will automatically have been upgraded to Google My Business as of June 2014. My … Continued

PPC Management

When discussing search results, I often spend far too much time talking simply about ‘keywords’ without explaining the contextual factors that influence the results Google return for a given search query.  In this post I’m going to attempt to explain why we … Continued