Last November, Yahoo became the default search engine for all Firefox users. Whilst previously, Firefox was quite happy to make Google their default search engine, this relationship seemingly soured once Google’s Chrome browser supplanted Firefox as the most popular alternative to … Continued

This post outlines the processes involved in migrating a website from HTTP to HTTPS. HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, which is the secure version of the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (http).  HTTPS is usually used on sites to secure e-commerce … Continued

It’s unfortunate to say that shopping basket abandonment on e-commerce websites are a common occurrence. According to HubSpot, 66% of online shopping baskets are abandoned and there are various reasons why people leave their desired items in online baskets. These … Continued

Google Analytics Reporting

Digital marketing is essential for any business that wants to succeed online. But managing a range of digital marketing platforms can be a daunting task, especially if you’re part of a small marketing team or, as is the case for … Continued

All the major players in the digital world have lately been preaching about the importance of website usability. But what does this mean for your business, and what do you have to do to improve your site’s “usability”? What is “Usability”? … Continued

Writing ad copy is perceived to be the most important aspect of an Adwords account and can also be very time consuming. Finding the balance between writing for the user and to achieve a high ad rank within the system can be … Continued

Competitor Analysis

In January 2015, we posted the following article on Digital Marketing for Business Directors in the Institute of Directors (IoD) newsletter. Business directors across the UK are investing in their digital strategy to improve brand awareness, get more clients and make … Continued

If you are currently building a brand new website then now is the perfect time to plan its structure.  Getting a website’s taxonomy correct before it’s built will save a lot of time and money, also landing pages will be … Continued

Finding the right person to contact can be tricky and can be time consuming too but it is an essential part of so many job roles from recruitment to sales and marketing. If you’ve got a high authority publication you … Continued

PPC Management

Hallam Internet’s Digital Marketing Tube Map shows the complexities of Internet Marketing and graphically represents Stations as individual campaigns or platforms and Stops as the areas that need to be considered in order for your online campaigns to be a … Continued