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Do you want an easy way to find out who’s using your images? Are you tired of spending hours creating great images for your on and offline marketing materials, only to find somebody else has gone and stolen your hard … Continued

When it comes down to webpages, size really does matter! Smaller webpages will typically download faster for anyone who requests them on the Internet.  The size of a webpage is determined by physical file sizes and not the actual size … Continued

Read 3 case studies about how businesses across the UK are working with Hallam, investing in their digital strategy to improve brand awareness, get more clients and make more money. Are you? As we move ever further out of recession, companies … Continued

Google Analytics Reporting

Are you unsure of how to find out who links to your website? With webmasters and site owners talking more and more about the signals links are sending to Google about their website, it is more important than ever to … Continued

Google Is Not Necessarily Superior To Bing In June 2014, Google enjoyed 89.27% of the UK search engine market share. Bing came in second, with 5.94%, with Yahoo coming in third with 3.55%. This raises two questions: 1. Is Google … Continued

Earlier this week, a website owner based in New Jersey received a notification via Google Webmaster Tools that his Google penalty reconsideration request notice in reference to a set of inbound links to his site that violate Google’s quality guidelines. This isn’t noteworthy in … Continued

Competitor Analysis

I was with a new client yesterday helping them to manage their move from their current website to their new website. The client in question explained to me that she wouldn’t have even considered the SEO implications of the website … Continued

While a dedicated Android app for Google Analytics has been available for a couple of years now, Google just released an iOS version of the app. The new app is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and requires iOS … Continued

An often overlooked aspect of paid digital marketing is Bing ads. Bing boast a market share of just under 6%  and, whilst this may appear small, do you really want to leave 6% of your potential market untouched? Not only that … Continued

PPC Management

  The colours, sounds and tastes of Brazil have been overloading our senses over the past month during this year’s biggest sporting event.  Now that the 2014 FIFA World Cup is over, what key digital marketing lessons can we take away from Brazil 2014?     … Continued