Removing a page from your website is in itself a straightforward task. However, there are several considerations that should be made before you hit that ‘delete’ button. This post explores some of the reasons why a website owner may wish to remove … Continued

As of August 2014, Bing receives 5.79% of search share, and is still growing. Combined with Yahoo’s search share (who have appointed Microsoft as their natural and paid search platform), you could potentially be missing out on 9.95% of untapped potential … Continued

I was recently asked by a client, “What’s the ideal cost-per-click for my keywords?”; unfortunately there is no exact figure but you can make a close estimation by reverse engineering current figures and statistics. When advertising on paid platforms such as … Continued

Google Analytics Reporting

The Knowledge Vault was announced at the end of last month as the new potential replacement from the Knowledge Graph. The Knowledge Graph has been part of Google search results since May 2012 and since then it has garnered quite … Continued

Ticking Away It seems that Facebook are once again trialling a new feature amongst a limited number of their users. A small sample of iOS users have been given the option to add expiration dates to their Facebook posts. There appears … Continued

The Internet gives every business the opportunity to reach customers across the globe. But for many estate agencies, the most desirable target audience isn’t global, it’s local. A successful strategy for digital marketing for estate agents should focus on reaching … Continued

Competitor Analysis

A surprisingly large number of online advertisers and businesses set the location of their PPC adverts towards the United Kingdom and then forget about their ads. Using IP addresses and a number of signals, search engines such as Google have … Continued

Citations Needed When devising a local SEO strategy for your business, a good initial step to take is to boost your citations. We have previously provided a detailed explanation of what citations are, and how they work. Essentially, a citation is a … Continued

There are thousands upon thousands of blogs and articles on the internet on how to successfully optimise your website for search engines. Some are more advanced than others but it’s important to cover the basics. So here is your no-nonsense … Continued

PPC Management

We’re barely into September, but savvy businesses are already thinking about Christmas sales. Are you? If you sell products online, you’ll know how important it is to understand trends in your business. One of the biggest trends of any business’ … Continued