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A few weeks ago, my esteemed colleague Jake Elliott wrote an article entitled “Why Google Have Already Won The Wearable Tech Battle“. Whilst writing this article, Jake questioned the grammar of his title. He wondered which was better – “Google have won” … Continued

The most important part of each and every website is its navigation menu. This is the main way that your visitors will navigate your website, so making sure it’s easy to use  is critically important. In this post I will … Continued

Google+ Interactive Posts allow you to customise how users share your site with their contacts and complete a specified action. Interactive posts can help improve conversions, direct new traffic to your site and increase engagement, with Google themselves stating a … Continued

Google Analytics Reporting

Today, Facebook has announced changes to its News Feed which may affect the way that you post content on the social network. You can read Facebook’s full announcement here. It’s worth noting that, though they appear to be taking a … Continued

We’ve told you before about what you need to look for in a perfect link – but what about the other side of the story? How can you tell if a link is poor quality or a site isn’t worth … Continued

Choosing keywords for SEO (search engine optimisation) is an essential part of your online marketing strategy. Once you know the killer keywords that your customers are using to search for your products, you can build your SEO plan accordingly. So, how do you go … Continued

Competitor Analysis

Adding negative keywords to your Google AdWords campaign is a great way to improve the relevancy of your adverts in relation to a users search query, and can also have a positive impact on your campaign click through rate. Negative … Continued

March was a momentous month indeed for the world of digital marketing. In light of some particularly punitive Google penalties, lots of heated discussions took place concerning guest blogging and link building. We’ve gathered some of the most informative articles … Continued

Non-branded Traffic is search engine traffic your website receives from keywords that never mention your brand name. These keywords are how people discover your website online, they are vital to a website’s success as they are often worth more than … Continued

PPC Management

  Talking computers, voice activated watches and internet enabled glasses – wearable tech is an undeniable trend that is set to take off. With devices being launched by Google, Apple and Samsung, it appears that our desire for the futuristic … Continued