It’s been a busy month in the world of digital. From Facebook’s plan to change it’s algorithm to clamp down on “clickbait” articles, through to Google Authorship coming to an end. The team at Hallam Internet have come together to share their … Continued

When talking to clients I regularly discuss the best way for them to achieve their goals in Adwords and whether that is on the search or display networks. The answer generally is a combination of both. Firstly when looking at … Continued

Every industry has its influencers. The authors and playwrights of the past turned bloggers, journalists and public figures of the future are and were all influencers. They are a respected and trusted authorities on all manner of subjects. Everyone’s influencers … Continued

Google Analytics Reporting

What is Clickbait? Take a quick look at the article titles on Upworthy and Buzzfeed. You now know what clickbait is, and you are powerless to resist its allure. “Clickbait” refers to articles with headlines that create a “curiosity gap”. These … Continued

Digital marketing in the charity sector has experienced a boom in the past few years. Charities like the British Heart Foundation and the NSPCC have paved the way for better website experiences and mobile apps for charities, and the introduction … Continued

A 404 error appears when a visited page does not exist on a website. This can happen when your links are broken. So whilst it’s a sign that something has gone wrong, a well written and designed 404 page can actually benefit your brand … Continued

Competitor Analysis

Website owners are receiving mass emails from Google alerting them that their website has a faulty mobile redirect : “Stop redirecting smartphone users to the homepage of your website.” In some, if not many cases, these warning emails are not … Continued

Selling is a social process. It always has been, and it always will be. Social networks have tapped into the social aspect of selling by increasing the amount of connections you can make. With more connections and more information, social networks … Continued

Google Places Listings play an important role for any business looking to establish visibility online for products or services within a specific location. The advantage of creating a well optimised Google Places listing in combination with Local SEO, is visibility in the … Continued

PPC Management

Hallam Internet is celebrating three internal promotions this month after executives Jonathan Ellins, Pete Keyworth and Abra Millar received promotions to the role of Digital Marketing Consultant.   The three were promoted by Hallam Internet MD Susan Hallam in recognition … Continued