Social media is a huge part of our everyday lives. Just as you would expect in your everyday life you are likely to encounter complaints about your products or services as much as you are likely to encounter positive comments … Continued

  I can often be heard singing from the rooftops about the benefits of email marketing, especially in terms of measurability. However, what use are these statistics if you don’t understand what they mean, or how to take advantage of what … Continued

Delegates at the Digital Marketing Show in London today saw internet marketing expert Susan Hallam present on Digital Leadership. Her full presentation slides are available below: #DigitalMarketingShow – Digital Leadership by Susan Hallam from Susan Hallam – Hallam Internet Ltd About … Continued

Google Analytics Reporting

Hallam Internet has cause for celebration once again today after five more of its consultants achieved Google AdWords qualifications. Laura Hampton, Abra Millar, Tom Whiley, Elliott Davies and Rainu Bhele are now Google AdWords accredited individuals. The consultants took their … Continued

Google Partner agency Hallam Internet celebrated the accreditation of five more of its consultants today, making it one of the top 10 Google Partner agencies in the UK.   Google Partner agencies are accredited by Google for their use of best … Continued

Canonical tags are a hidden message on a web-page which simply say: “I’m just a copy of this other web-page found here…“   How Search Engines Deal With Duplicate or Similar Pages When most search engines come across two or … Continued

Competitor Analysis

Here at Hallam Internet we have just decided to change the tool we use to monitor the keyword rankings for our clients and have opted to use a service called SE Ranking. We like this rank tracking software for many … Continued

The Digital Marketing Show 2014 will welcome delegates from across the UK and beyond to meet and network with digital marketing experts and attend talks from the very best in their field. Hallam Internet will be exhibiting at the Show, … Continued

The Digital Marketing Map has long been an iconic image for Hallam Internet. The Map has now been updated to include even more digital marketing techniques, including mobile marketing and local SEO. Click on the map above to enlarge The … Continued

PPC Management

Slides and Resources from SMX Milan:  Local SEO Session I hope you found my session useful, and thanks for coming along to take a look at some of the resources I mentioned during my talk. I have put together some … Continued