So much to read, so little time… Here is our choice of just 16 must-read blog posts from around the web last month as selected by Team Hallam.

Susan’s favourite posts

7 Incredible Web Design, Branding, Digital Marketing Experiences by Avinash Kaushik – (and see what he shares on Google Plus here) – crammed full of practical examples and ideas for improving your own website

Inteflora – What Really Happened? by Anthony over at @DaveNaylor– the biggest news of February had to be the Inteflora Google SEO Penalty, and here is one of the first and best anlayses of what was going on.

 Sarah’s favourite posts

Is your Analytics code up to date? by @ThomCraver: it’s a quick and easy job, so check that you are using the most current version of Analtytics code on your site

25 Killer Combos for Google’s Site: Operator by Dr Pete over at SEOMoz: Simple tools are the best, and the “Site” command on Google is invaluable

Ben’s favourite posts

How to deal with challenging clients by Craig Bradford: how to make sure your clients stay happy, and what to do with when things go wrong.

301 Redirects: no difference in dilution as any other normal link by Barry Schwartz: Matt Cutts confirms that 301 redirects are identical to normal links in terms of PageRank dissipation

Sean’s favourite posts

How to Avoid Duplicate Content Issues in eCommerce by Paul Rogers: 9 common causes of duplicate content on online retail sites and how to overcome the negative impact on your SEO

Boom! 1 Email, 60 Band Links Gone, 4 Tools for Easy Link Cleanup by Cyrus Shepard: a guide to efficient link removal and an introduction to 4 of the best link removal tools

Laura’s favourite posts

3 Ways to Identify Link Prospects by George Fischer at @SeoLair: 3 resources to support creative link building and tips on how to find high-quality links

When Responsive Web Design is Bad for SEO by Bryson Meunier: 5 examples of times where responsive web design is not the best option for SEO

Abra’s favourite posts

A Little SEO Knowledge Can be Dangerous by @NickStamoulis: an explanation of 3 basic SEO techniques that, without knowing the who story, could result being hit with a penalty

Backlink Analysis – Google Penalties Case Studies by Razvan Gavrilas -(have a look at his Google+ here): notes from a webinar explaining unnatural links, natural links and associated Google penalties

Chris’ favourite posts

The Rise and Rise of “not provided” Keywords by @BrianClifton: an explanation of why keyword information is often lost in web analytics tools for organic visitors

10 Valuable Google Analytics Custom Reports by @gcharlton: a guide to custom Google Analytics reports and how to get the most out of them

Mike’s favourite posts

The Paradox of New vs. Old SEO by Adam Audette -(take a peek at his Google+ here): an exploration of the paradox facing SEO – that as everything is changing and developing it is still the old SEO techniques that work best

How Much Does SEO Cost? 3 Analogies to Help You Determine its Value by Trond Lyngbø at @trondlyngbo: a great explanation of the importance of SEO and how to get your head around the value of SEO

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