A new top level domain name is now available:  .CO provides a new branding opportunity for companies to have a short, meaningful domain name.

From now until 10 June,  the domain names can only be acquired by trademark holders with exact match domain names registered prior to July 30, 2008. This allows companies to apply for their desired domain or domains and secure their trademarks. Matching domains will go to auction.

I would strongly recommend companies with trademarks to get these domain names during this period.

Once the intial sunrise registration period is closed, then the landrush registration period opens.  Landrush takes place from the end of June through mid-July, and will be open to anyone interested in registering domain names of high commercial value. Any interest in matching domains will go to auction.

And finally, the .CO domain name will open to general registrations on 20 July.  Currently there are 10 domain name providers selling these names.

Read full details of the .CO domain name launch:

Dot Co Domain Name

One response to “.CO used to mean Columbia, but now it means Company”

  1. John Dempsey says:

    I definitely see the .CO as having more value than simply brand protection. Obviously companies with registered Trademarks will grumble as they have to shell out about £250 to protect themselves from cybersquatters but the extension does have huge potential to online marketing.

    I’ve pre registered quite a number of general availability .CO domains with LCN as they are doing a no-win no-fee system. For less than £30 for a single word/4 letter character domain I believe the resale value of the ones I secure will certainly outweigh the investment. It will be an interesting gauge to see what prices .CO landrush domains go for in the auction.

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