Google+ Interactive Posts allow you to customise how users share your site with their contacts and complete a specified action. Interactive posts can help improve conversions, direct new traffic to your site and increase engagement, with Google themselves stating a 3 x higher click-through rate from interactive posts than a standard share.


What is an Interactive Post?

Although this is not a new feature, it is not currently an extensively used one. In their most basic form, interactive posts allow you to enhance the great content you are already sharing by embedding a custom call to action within your post, clearly identifying what act you want your user to complete next (e.g. buy, read more, subscribe).


Google+ Interactive Posts
Alongside your standard content links (pre-filled title, target URL, and a preview of the target page) Google+ Interactive Posts offer a great opportunity to step up your current Google+ activity


Labels for Interactive Posts

You can mark the action you want users to take as part of the descriptive text on the share button (the Call To Action), including:

  • APPLY – e.g. apply for a job
  • ACCEPT, CONFIRM or RSVP – e.g. an invitation or attendance
  • BOOKMARK – e.g. bookmark a webpage
  • BUY – e.g. to purchase an item
  • COMMENT or DISCUSS – e.g. on a post or article
  • CONTRIBUTE, DONATE or GIVE – e.g. to a cause
  • RATE or WRITE – e.g. write a review
  • SIGN_UP or SUBSCRIBE – e.g. to a newsletter or magazine


Google have provided a full list of over 100 labels that you can view here


How Interactive Posts can work for your business

You can use interactive posts to drive key activities, including:

  1. Direct new traffic to your site –  the “VIEW” and “READ_MORE” labels are great examples of this, guiding users to your website to learn more about you product or service.
  2. Improve conversions – labels can be used to encourage people to sign up for an event or newsletter (“SIGN_UP”), buy a product (“BUY”) or donate (“GIVE”) to a cause through your post.
  3. Increase engagement – encourage users to respond to blog articles (“COMMENT”) or rate products and services (“RATE”), giving you access to real time feedback and two-way conversation with your audience.


This is not intended to be a comprehensive list. The ways in which you could potentially utilise Google+ Interactive Posts are limitless, and will vary depending on the nature of your business.

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