I send New Year’s wishes to all the readers of my blog, and I wish you a successful and prosperous 2009.

The New Year is a good time to take stock of all our websites, and I’m evaluating the response to my blog articles in order to guide what I write next year. There are a number of different measures that I am considering:

  • the number of times the blog posting was read by unique visitors
  • the number of times the blog posting was a landing page meaning it was the first page people saw, for example from a Google search
  • the response to my email newsletters

The most popular postings in 2008 for email subscribers to the blog were:

  1. Announcing the new Hallam website design
  2. EMNET Ceases Trading
  3. Google’s new Publishers Guide to the Web
  4. Plural vs Singular Keywords
  5. Improvements to the Google Keyword Tool
  6. Google Chrome Review
  7. Viral Marketing, Social Media & Blogs:  New UK Laws
  8. How to Use Internet Marketing to Fight the Credit Crunch

In terms of blog content on the website, my most frequently read postings in 2008 were:

  1. Google Analytics vs WebTrends
  2. How To Create a Free Website
  3. John and Anne Move to Panama
  4. American Google vs UK Google
  5. EMNET Ceases Trading

3 of those 5 articles are “old” articles, written in 2007, which demonstrates the value of keeping older content on your website.  It may be that the articles need updating, but that will also be a positive contributing factor to the search engine optimisation of those pages.

And finally, in terms of postings that drove visitors to the site from specifically the Google search engine, then the top 5 articles overlap with the categories above.

What is interesting to note is that every single article written in in the last 4 years has acted as a landing page for some type of Google search in 2008. Old articles, new articles, each and every one contributed in some way to acquiring traffic to the website.


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