We published 153 blog posts this year, and I would like to share with you the measures I use to review our blog’s performance, and its contribution to our overall marketing strategy.

There are a number of different ways (metrics)  to measure a blog’s effectiveness depending on your marketing objectives. A review at the end of the year should focus on what is important to your business, and should help you to identify ways to tweak and improve your blog for next year.

In our case, our blog marketing objectives are:

  1. to position ourselves as Internet marketing experts and an agency that you can trust
  2. to build relationships and keep in touch with our clients
  3. to drive traffic from the search engines in order to generate leads and enquiries


Most Times Viewed

At its very simplest, one of the best measures of your blogging efforts is to just look at how many times your posts are getting read.

Our blog posts with the most Unique Page Views as measured in our Google Analytics data:

Looking more broadly at the top 25 blog posts, it is our fresh content from 2012 that is getting the most pages views, with posts written in 2012 occupying 19 of the top 25 positions.

Blog content also has lifetime value for your business, and we do have evergreen content from years gone by that are still getting volume of traffic. There are 5 posts in the top 25 that were originally published in 2011, and we are still receiving large amounts of traffic from one post from 2010: What makes a link bad?

Most Frequent Landing Pages from Search

Blogs form an essential part of your search engine optimisation traffic. Which posts have brought visitors to your website from Google?  In other words, which posts are achieving sufficiently high rankings to drive visitors (and potential customers) to your site?

For Hallam, our top performing posts for visitors from the search engines were the same as the most times viewed above, which demonstrates overall how important search is to driving visitors to our site.

Our other pages receiving high volumes of traffic from the search engines:

Most Popular Posts in our Email Newsletter

One of our marketing objectives is to keep in touch with our loyal customers, prospective customers, and industry influencers.

The clicks we get to our blog posts from our email newsletter subscribers is an excellent indication of what they are interested in, and is great feedback into our marketing strategy for next year:

Traffic from Social Media

One improvement in Google Analytics reporting this year has been the inclusion of Social Media as a traffic source, and we can see that Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are sending a significant number of visitors to our blog posts.

Our posts receiving the most visits from social referrals:

We also received significant social media referral traffic for one blog post that reported our engagement with a local activity:  the Nottingham Rocks Twitter campaign to get Nottingham trending on Twitter on 29 May 2012.


Blog performance metrics:  What else are we measuring?

This post gives you a flavour of our most successful posts based on some simple criteria.  We are also looking at a number of other success factors, including:

  • the number of inbound links that each post generated
  • the number  of visits each post gets from referring websites that mention our posts
  • the blog content most consumed by users of mobile devices
  • number of social interactions for each post (comments, shared, liked, retweeted)
  • the bounce rate for each post:  did they just read the post and leave, or did they engage with other content?
  • the number of pages of content on average our blog readers look at

Google is a sentimental old fool….

We have been blogging since 2005, and our review of the year shows that we are still getting thousands of page views of our older evergreen content.

What can our strategy be for these high performing, long lasting pages?

I am very sure that you will shortly be seeing a new, revised version of some of our posts originally published in 2005, and the original posts will be edited to direct our visitors to the more recent up-to-date version.


 Would you like us to take a look at your data, and write up a report?

I’d love to take a look at your Analytics data, and help you to get a better understanding of what is working well, and ways to improve your blog performance.

If you would like us review your blog performance, then give us a ring and we can discuss your requirements


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