Email marketing is used in a variety of industries, and by thousands of businesses across the world. Despite this, there are still those who seem to think that email marketing is dead.

However, what these people fail to understand is that the benefits of email marketing are numerous. I believe it is still an essential part of your marketing toolkit, and below I will explain why.

The benefits of email marketing


Compared to other forms of direct marketing (direct mail, telemarketing campaigns), email marketing has a much lower cost of fulfilment. It allows you to cut out the costs of designing, printing and advertising physical media. Most people will have access to email, which means that you are able to reach a global audience for very little money. For a successful email marketing campaign, all you need is an effective email marketing platform, and a good marketer to write copy for your marketing emails.

Quick and easy

Many email marketing software solutions come with a range of templates that you can personalise with your corporate branding. You could have your first campaign set up and sent to your distribution list within the hour! This shorter campaign lifecycle is great for topical issues and offers, whether you are reacting to sizzling hot weather, or having a bit of April Fools fun.

Ease of personalisation

Unlike print, radio and TV campaigns, email marketing does not require a one size fits all approach. Instead, you can speak to your customer directly through personalising your campaign using such basic information as their name, or their email address. Depending on the email marketing software you are using, you could even personalise emails with more complex personal information, such as purchase history.


Email marketing offers you a quick and easy way to test and measure the effectiveness of campaigns before they go live. Before sending emails to your entire mailing list, you can split test your campaign with a small proportion of your list, identifying which version of your email performs best. There are a number of ways to split test an email campaign. For example, you can test which subject lines get the best open rate, or whether your customers respond better when you use their first names or their surnames. The variable you decide upon will depend on the metric you wish to measure.

Real-time communications and calls to action

Your messages can be sent within a few hours of concept, driving instant traffic to your website. It is a great way of increasing sales and brand engagement, as recipients can go from having seen a product or service in your email to having purchased it in as few as two clicks.


As mentioned above, email marketing does not require a one size fits all approach. You can segment your customers to send extremely targeted campaigns, using your database to put relevant messaging in front of the customers who are most likely to respond or convert. For example, if you are a clothing company, you can email anyone who has previously purchased a Christmas jumper when your first stock of Christmas jumpers comes in for the current season. Or if you have a location based offer, you could even target customers geographically.

Measurability and accountability

According to E-consultancy’s email marketing industry census, email marketing was ranked as “the best channel for return on investment”. One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is that you can track how many people have opened your email, who has clicked on links within the email, which links were clicked, how many people marked it as spam, who has unsubscribed, whether the email even made it in to the recipient’s inbox and much more! Email marketing gives you instant feedback on the popularity of your communications and offers.

Build relationships

Regular, timely engagement will help you build and strengthen relationships with your customers and those on your mailing list. This can be reinforced by sending the relevant, targeted content that they want to receive.

Environmentally friendly

No trees will be harmed in the creation of your email marketing campaign.


Email marketing still continues to be one of the most effective forms of digital marketing, especially in terms of measurability. Haters gonna hate, but there is still much to be gained with a clear email marketing strategy.

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