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Facebook Fan-GateFacebook fan-gates can grow your brand, get you ahead of your competition and spread your company’s message far and wide. So now you’ll want to know how to create one, right? Let us show you…


What is a facebook fan-gate?

If you haven’t read our post on why your business needs a Facebook fan-gate, have a quick read now.


Using Facebook apps to create a fan-gate

In this example, we’re going to use an app called iFrames for Pages, created by Wildfire. This Facebook app makes the whole process very simple. The app is free to download (at least for the minute). On 7th April 2011, Wildfire wrote on their blog that the app would be ‘free for the next three months‘. By my reckoning, that means that those who haven’t already downloaded the app are on borrowed time!


‘How to’ guide

To start, just download the app, (it will prompt you to log in to your Facebook page of choice if you aren’t already). The below screen will then appear and you should click on ‘Allow’.

iFrames for Pages - Request for Permission

If you are the Administrator of more than one page it will ask you to select which page you want to add iFrames for Pages to. Select the correct page and click ‘Add iFrames for Pages’.


Facebook fan-gate - Administrator


Next, Wildfire will cheekily (but who can blame them!) ask for your contact information before you can continue with the app. Enter this information, agree to the t’s & c’s and click ‘Submit’.


Facebook fan-gate - Contact Information

You’re then presented with some options. The first being whether you want to turn Fan gate ‘on’ or ‘off’. Select ‘On’.

The next two options are what you want your fans and non-fans to see when they come to this page. You can select ‘Custom Image’ or ‘Custom HTML’. If you’re comfortable creating HTML pages (or have an agency to do it for you), great, choose ‘Custom HTML’. If you want the easier, quicker but no less effective option then choose ‘Custom Image’. You are able to browse to where you have saved your custom image and select what you want. (NB – the optimum size for these images is 520 pixels in width by 820 pixels in length). They can easily be created in Photoshop or Paint programs. Anything that is available to you.


Facebook fan-gate - Options Screen

Unlike FMBL, Wildfire will host your images for you and have promised to continue to do so for free for those people that download iFrames for Pages while it is still free. (Better get your skates on!)

To get started quickly, select ‘Custom Image’ for both options, (don’t browse for an image), tick ‘I agree to not violate Facebook Platform Policies’ and then ‘Save & Preview’. You will see that Wildfire has helpfully included some nice standard images that you can use until you can create custom ones.

By choosing the options above, non-fans will see the following page –

Facebook fan-gate - Like Us


After someone has ‘liked’ your page, they will see this image –

Facebook fan-gate - After Liked

These images should only be used a temporary measure. You should create images or pages that reflect your brand and it’s message. Have a look to see what other brands are already doing with their fan-gates on Facebook.

Remember, these pages don’t have to stay the same forever. It’s as simple as changing an image. Trial a page for a couple of months, change the offer, change the image, see what works best for you and your brand.


Already have fan-gate content?

If you already have this type of fan-gate content on your Facebook page created with FBML then you might want to think about switching to iFrames. FBML is reported to be becoming less reliable and Facebook themselves already “strong recommend” that you transition to iFrames.


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5 responses to “How to make a Facebook fan-gate”

  1. Suzie says:

    Just to let readers know I’ve recently downloaded and used this app… and even with my very limited skills it was pretty easy!
    I only downloaded a couple of weeks ago and it was still a free app, so I’d encourage anyone to give it a go


    • Sarah Dawes says:

      Great news that you found it easy to use Suzie. I really would encourage to people to download and use iFrames for Pages (especialy while it’s still free!) it’s a great app.
      Let us know how you get on with your Facebook fan-gate!

  2. Himanshu Sethi says:

    Hello is this application free. i installed it to one page but i was unable to see the content from other fb page.
    The error was “Application Not Configured” What i have to do now

  3. Liew says:

    Dear All,
    how to i re login to the Iframe admin management page after i login ?


  4. Jonathan says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! It was really nice at first, but then I thought that maybe I could have something more design. I tried and they make awesome fan gates for free O.o

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