Hallam SEO and Internet MarketingIt is time for the first round up of the year and I have to say there appears to be a wealth of well written, well researched content that has be flying around the Interweb this month. The quality would suggest that there has been no post-Christmas lull and very few New Years blues. So let us get stuck straight in with Team Hallam’s favourite blog posts of the last month.

Susan’s favourite posts

5 Ways to Get Your Customers to Create Content For You by John Jantsch – Five quick ideas for getting customers to help build useful content for your site.

New Google Analytics Configuration Tool review by Dave Chaffey – A quick review of an awesome tool put out there by the guys at Raven Tools. If you want to try it out for yourselves you can find the analytics configuration tool here.

Wayne’s favourite posts

24 SEO Experts Discuss Links vs. Tweets by Point Blank SEO – The first of two posts that have made the list by the guys at Point Blank SEO. This one has done the rounds a little bit in the last few weeks and is a great round up of expert opinion on the importance of links and tweets in today’s world of SEO.

 Presenting Your Product as a Masterpiece: You Can’t Market a Piece of Junk via Level343 – A great blueprint for crafting the kind of pages your site (especially ecommerce sites) need to convince visitors that yours is the site that they want to buy from.

Helen’s favourite posts

 145 PPC Must-Do’s for 2012 by Jeff Allen – If you undertake PPC for your business or clients then this list will keep you busy for some time! It is worth noting that you can download this list as a PDF so that you can keep track of what you have done and what you haven’t.

Dealing With Bad Links: Six Ways To Recover From Link Spamming by Harrison Lapari – Some actionable advice here for dealing with some of those less than impressive links in your backlink profile.

David’s favourite posts

Designing for the Web: Templates and Grid Systems by Felix Mak – Simple and sensible advice on functional web design.

50 Pages & People Every SEO Should Have In Their Circles by Jon Cooper of Point Blank SEO – An epic and well organised list that you all should think about checking out. Half of the list contains People and half Pages – all of which are updated regularly.

Sarah’s favourite posts

What Should You Test On Your Landing Pages For Maximum Conversions? by Sherice Jacob – A great primer for Conversion Optimisation and learning what you should be thinking about when testing (do you really want to mess around changing the colour of your buttons when changing your benefit lead copy will have far greater impact?).

[New Data] What Percentage of your Tweets Should be Links or Replies by Dan Zarella – If you aren’t familiar with the work of Dan we suggest you check it out. He takes the complex problems of how to organise social media for engagement and ROI and uses real data which is then broken down into its simplest visual form. Have a look at his site for more.

Hallam’s Most Popular Internet Marketing Posts of January

Hello Toolbar : Get Website Visitors to take Action by David Beastall

7 Quick Tips: AdWords on a Small Budget by Helen Laird

Eight Tips For Improving Interaction On Twitter by Wayne Barker

Hallam’s “If you have some free time and like SEO jokes” section

Ryan Gosling (in a shock move) departed the world of acting to take a career in SEO – building links and breaking hearts. If you haven’t caught it yet have a look – its full of great pictures like these:

Ryan Gosling does SEORyan Gosling does SEO


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