James Caan is stalking me.  The former Dragon’s Den millionnaire entrepreneur is following me around on the Internet.  Clearly he doesn’t have time to be on Dragon’s Den anymore because he’s too busy following me around, popping up on the web pages I visit.

I have good reason to suspect he may also be stalking my friends, and I’m getting more and more annoyed each time his face pops up on the most unexpected websites I visit.  Clearly, he is intent on persuading me attending one of his training academy things so I, too, can become a supercharged entrepreneur.


How does he know where I am, and why are his ads being show specifically to me?

He’s using an online advertising technique called Remarketing.

Remarketing is tool that displays your adverts to reach people who previously visited your website.  It’s called “interest based advertising.”

Remarketing enables you to show your advertisements to people who previously visited your website, and tailor your message to their specific interest.  Or, it allows you to reach people based on their interests (such as sports enthusiast, or travel enthusiast).

In other words, a little while ago I did click on his entrepreneurship course website because one of my clients attended.  And now I’m being stalked because his marketing company thinks I’m a prospective client.

He’s added a  small piece of code to his web pages, called a remarketing tag. When I visited his website he collected my cookie ID, and that started my sad tale of being  a stalking victim.

Done correctly, remarketing provides serious business benefits:

  • your ads display to visitors who have had a previous interaction with your site, and hence may be a “warm” prospect
  • because they recognise your brand, you are likely to have a higher click through rate for your advert
  • you are going to have more exposure to your brand, over and over again, which will help build brand awareness
  • and the people who come back to your site are much more likely to convert into customers

Done incorrectly, and you’re going to get flagged as a stalker

If your business gets this advertising method wrong, you may get flagged as a stalker.  You want to make sure your campaign does not burn bridges with prospective clients.

It is possible to configure your advertising campaign such that you cap the the number of times a particular visitor sees your adverts, such that you don’t wear out your welcome.

And advertisers can also create specific landing pages, so that if a punter clicks on the ad they go to specific page on the website that corresponds to the particular offer being made in the advert.

The agency working on this campaign claim a conversion rate uplift of 407% and a reduction in cost per acquisition of 53%, with only 3 complaints of stalking.

So, is anybody else being stalked by James Caan besides me….?


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