texter logoI want to share a tool that is the talk of the Hallam Internet office, Texter. Texter is a programme that acts a bit like normal ‘copy and paste’ functionality that we’re all used to but with a memory bank of text replacements.

You programme Texter with abbreviations (called ‘hotstrings’) for phrases you commonly use and Texter will replace your hotstring with the larger piece of text you require.

Think about it, how many times a day do you type the same phrases? Texter saves me lots of repetitive keystrokes everyday. The programme is FREE and will work on all Windows computers.

Texter will work in any application that you can type in so you could use it to fill out a comment box on a website, include an email signature in Gmail, add repetitive strings of HMTL code, add blocks of  text in Word, send a standard email replay in your email client… in fact, anywhere that you can type!


How To Use Texter For SEO Tasks

So you can understand it’s practical application for SEO tasks, for me, typing ‘followup’ and hitting ‘enter’ will insert follow up text to a prospect via a contact form or email for example. This just leaves me to add the required personalisation which is much quicker than writing out the complete follow up text time after time!


How To Add A New Hotstring to Texter

You can add a new abbreviation or hotstring to Texter by pressing Ctrl+Shift+H. This brings up the below box where you type the hotstring, in this case “kr”.

new hotstring

You then type the replacement text you want to appear when you type your hotstring, in this case “Kind Regards, Sarah Dawes”, and then choose your trigger. Your trigger is how Texter knows to insert the longer version of your text. For me, I use the Enter key as my trigger so I would type “kr” and kit Enter for my text to appear. You can also use tab, space or have Texter enter your text instantly after typing your hotstring without having to press any other keys.

I have a list of about 20 hotstrings in Texter. I use them all the time so I know what they all are but Texter will helpfully let you print a cheat sheet of all your hotstrings and text replacements so you know all the ones that you have programmed and available to use.


How to Download Texter

As I said, Texter is free so all you need to do is download the programme. I downloaded my version from Lifehacker here.

Let me know if you like the sound of the programme and perhaps any other time saving tips and tricks that you use to make your work life more productive. Happy time saving!

3 responses to “Save Time & Work Quicker with Texter”

  1. Peter Fedorow says:

    Excellent! A true example of improved efficiency; achieving more whilst expending less effort!
    Thanks for this one.

    Kind Regards


    • Glad you like the sound of Texter, Peter!
      I think it’s brilliant and am finding more uses for it all the time. I’m a big fan of being as efficient as possible. You can even do some fancy things with Scripts using Texter if you wanted to. Hope you download and enjoy using it!

  2. Richard George says:

    Just a word of warning; not everyone is quite this delighted with Texter. A reported problem is that in Windows 7 Texter can take control of the numeric keypad if ‘Number Lock’ is not used, disabling the navigation arrows and the delete key. Then for whatever reason Texter does not get listed in ‘Programs’ in the Control Panel and nor does it include its own Uninstaller; making the application very difficult to remove. I think that software that is easily installed but then denies the means of removal is either malware or something perilously close to it. My advice is that you create a System Restore Point before you download Texter so you can get back to where you are now if it does not work for you.

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