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Paid Search (PPC)

15 best practices for PPC landing pages

This post explains 15 best practises that you must implement when designing a landing page for PPC, all the features…


Dynamic search ads: the only guide you’ll need

In today's digital age, businesses are always looking for new ways to reach their target audience. Dynamic search ads (DSAs)…

Leadership + Finance

Building bridges between finance and marketing

Finance and marketing are often seen as opposing forces in a business. Marketing wants to spend money, while finance wants…

Content Marketing

Where should I be investing my social budget in 2023?

The new Rival IQ benchmarking report, that’s been eagerly anticipated by those working in social media, has officially been published.…


How to calculate lifetime customer value (LCV) from ecommerce transaction data

As an ecommerce business owner, understanding the value that each of your customers brings to your business over their lifetime…

Social Media

What is de-influencing? We explore TikTok’s latest trend

According to Statista, who provide global market and consumer data, the value of the global influencer marketing has more than…


Our second wave of Nottingham Digital Summit speakers is here ✨

Remember our first wave of incredible speakers? Well, as promised, we’re back with our second wave, including experts from brands…


Meet our new Paid Media Team Leads, Molly and Alex

The newest leaders of our Paid Media Team, Molly Watters and Alex Jackson, are both full of energy, positivity, and…

Digital Strategy

Trendspotting: March 2023

And just like that we’re into the final month of the first quarter. We’re feeling a growing energy among our…


Organic round-up: March 2023

What a start to the year we’ve had. It’s certainly been busy - so busy in fact that we can’t…


How to audit JavaScript for SEO

JavaScript is present everywhere on the web. Since HTML and CSS are static in nature, JavaScript has been widely adopted…

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